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About Dr Tanious

Dr. Tony Tanious has been practicing medicine internationally for over 10 years. In 2006 he received his Doctorate of Medicine with high honors from Saba Univerisity School of Medicine, located in the Netherlands. He then practiced in the United States until he moved to Australia in 2014.
Dr. Tony Tanious, is a Cosmetic Doctor specialising in Anti-Aging Medicine.  Unlike most cosmetic Injectors, Dr. Tanious is currently completing his Fellowship with The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) which is the only College in Australia that provides procedural specific training for Doctors in Cosmetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery. This training allows Dr. Tanious to provide you with a very specialised treatment plan that is tailored to your uniqueness and your specific needs.
The primary goal of the ACCS is to ensure the safe provision of cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgical procedures to the Australian general community through the supply of appropriately trained and certified Health Care Practitioners.

Dr Tanious provides a wide range of non-surgical, anti-aging treatments

Dr. Tony Tanious understands the importance of a healthy mind and a healthy soul; yet he also understands the sensitive issue of how self confidence and self image are related due to the fact of being a victim of bullying during his teenage years. He has personal experience in transforming his own appearance and he is passionate about helping others gain the self confidence they may have once lost.
Come and share your concerns with Dr. Tanious no matter how big or how small you think they may be. He appreciates your uniqueness and individuality.
Dr. Tanious can assist you by giving you expert advice on your concerns and share with you all the cutting edge treatment options available to you. Additionally he can provide you with a customised, specific treatment plan tailored just for you to gain a natural youthful improvement of your skin and appearance all while maintaining the holistic approach of balancing the harmony of health between the mind, body, and soul.
For a limited time all consultations are 100% free with no obligations.
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